42 TechnologyCase studies

Case studies

42 Technology’s team of engineers, technologists and service specialists with experts from a wide network of associates and partner companies have achieved world-class next-generation products and processes.

Low cost unit speeds patient recovery times

42 Technology has developed a low cost, fully automated portable ice generator concept to help make cryotherapy a routine treatment after sports injuries and orthopaedic surgery, based on an ice-generation process initially developed for use in the brewing industry.

Manufacturing scale-up for a precision sensor

42 Technology and INFICON AG, a leading industrial sensor company, have worked together to devise novel automated process steps for the manufacture of sensor wire filaments that promise to improve process reliability, increase manufacturing efficiency and boost production output.

High speed powder printing for GSK

Research into existing powder dispense solutions for GSK led to the invention of Sticky Web, a high throughput precision powder dosing technology applicable to the dispense of high potency pharamceuticals as well as flavourings, colourings and speciality chemicals.

PRESS HERE for ice-cold refreshment

42 Technology expertise in thermal and fluid management has led to the developed of a concept for a fine iced drink machine, targeted at the domestic drinks market, capable of delivering silky-smooth iced drinks in the home.

Low cost MVHR components

42 Technology developed a novel low-cost, thermally-efficient heat recovery system for Baxi Clean Air Systems, achieving significantly reduced cost compared to traditional solutions and creating several new patentable technologies for Baxi.

Fuel cell technologies

42 Technology has a track record of successful projects and specialist mechanical engineering and thermodynamics expertise in fuel cells, an alternative energy technology that could change the way we power our homes, cars and consumer electronics.

Next generation CPV technology for solar farms

Circadian Solar used 42 Technology’s expertise in design for manufacture, systems engineering and mathematical modelling to design a low-cost PV collector module for use in large-scale solar farms in sunbelt regions.

Diagnosing TB – earlier, easier, faster

42 Technology was appointed by FIND, the Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics, to devise new concepts for the safe transfer of precise volumes of infected sputum samples enabling early detection of TB and prevention of accidental infection of healthcare workers.

Developing needle-free drug delivery systems

42 Technology worked closely with Glide Pharma to improve understanding of their solid dose injector product, including development of theoretical system models and designing a measurement device to determine skin properties.

Developing a pioneering wind tunnel system

The Aircraft Research Association (ARA) sought to develop a new gust generator within one of its wind-tunnels, capable of simulating gusts at transonic, or cruising, speeds that are typically experienced by aircraft.

Designing for usability

With a growing elderly population it pays to design products that are easy for everyone to use. We recently delved deeper into this area of inclusive design to improve product usability for a multinational company.

Improved solar thermal systems from concept to testing

42 Technology developed a high performance, low cost, solar-thermal domestic heating system for one of the UK’s leading solar energy companies, with emphasis on optimising solar panel performance and ease of manufacture and installation.

Wireless data logging

Gathering data on how consumers interact with a product provides valuable insight for the product manufacturer

Industrial ink delivery system

42 Technology partnered with Xaar to develop an easy to use, small footprint unit that delivers ink on demand to four printheads while accurately controlling pressure, temperature, viscosity and flow across the head. It even handles high viscosity and heavily pigmented materials.

SKYLON: Unpiloted and reusable spaceplane

42 Technology was appointed by Reaction Engines to provide strategic engineering consultancy and help with the mechanical design of key operational features of SKYLON, a re-usable spaceplane for low cost deployment of satellites.

The Adaptable Carriage

The unique approach has been developed as part of a two year RSSB-funded programme in collaboration with the UK rail sector and offers significant commercial, environmental and passenger benefits. Unveiled at the rail industry’s Railtex 2017 exhibition, we were even […]

Next generation banknote sorting systems

42 Technology assisted Talaris, a world leader in cash-handling equipment, with the development of their next generation of banknote sorting and validation systems, developing precision instrumentation systems and high throughput transportation mechanisms.

Smart Metering

Advanced smart metering systems enable consumers to actively manage their energy usage