42 TechnologyCase StudiesDiagnosing TB – earlier, easier, faster

Diagnosing TB – earlier, easier, faster

The Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics is a non-profit organisation focused on introducing new diagnostics for poverty-related diseases such as TB (tuberculosis)

Its vision is to provide earlier diagnosis in the field allowing treatment to start sooner and to prevent the spread of infection.

42 Technology was first appointed to devise new concepts to safely transfer precise volumes of infected patient sputum samples and to prevent accidental infection of healthcare workers.  Subsequent projects have included finding novel techniques to extract and concentrate TB bacillus from small samples which significantly increases test sensitivity.  The sample concentration improvements being developed can also be applied to other diagnostic tests.

“42 Technology is an excellent product and process development partner to help improve the performance of one of our most promising new TB diagnostic tests. The consultancy’s product engineering, project management and creative skills are helping our medical and clinical teams in Uganda and Geneva to consider alternative approaches to optimizing test methodologies. Our objective is to improve test sensitivity, therefore allowing patients to start treatment before transmitting the disease.”

Dr Mark Perkins, Chief Scientific Officer at FIND