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Establishing performance against competitor products

Our client, a leading manufaturing of printing equipment, wanted to benchmark its new printer performance against its competitors

Test rig

Acting in a highly competitive environment, differentiating the product on performance grounds can be a real lever to promote sales and reputation. It is therefore critical to evaluate the performance of all competing products scientifically and accurately, such that data collected is reliable and useful.

We developed an automated test rig, taking an unbiased approach, so that all printers were acting under the same printing regime and uniform conditions.

The test apparatus was designed to drive all printers in a pre-programmable manner and conduct a test cycle while monitoring and logging performance.

The system featured custom PLC control, automated image acquisition, and various parameters logging. All aspects of correct printing were taken into account including print quality and reliability and other technical parameters.

We then undertook a series of long term printing tests, up to 40 hours of continuous printing, which enabled the delivery of comparative data along with valuable insights into printers’ performance