42 TechnologyCase StudiesHigh speed powder printing for GSK

High speed powder printing for GSK

GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s third largest pharmaceutical company, asked 42 Technology to identify methods to achieve high throughput, precision powder dosing.

In addition to researching currently available technologies being used in other industries, our work led to the identification of a simple yet highly effective approach which exceeded GSK’s target performance levels.

Sticky web solution
The technology, named Sticky Web, is a novel, patented approach to accurately print pure powders, typically from 0.1 to 100 mg, directly onto edible or inert webs.  42 Technology developed the fundamental technology and several adhesives, plus designs for a high-speed production machine capable of delivering 60,000 doses per hour with accuracies of 4% or better.

The approach is also available for commercial development in non-pharma markets such as flavourings, speciality chemicals and diagnostics.

“GSK first appointed 42 Technology to carry out an independent strategic technology review and to evaluate what credible powder dispensing approaches already existed that could potentially be scaled for high-speed manufacturing. The consultancy team responded not just with a detailed review of the options but also some great new ideas including the approach we now call Sticky Web.

The core technology offers considerable promise for high speed production environments where online inspection systems could be used to validate every powdered area and to improve process feedback, increase efficiency and reduce costs.”

Dr Keith Smith, Manager of GSK‘s strategic technologies department