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Low cost MVHR components

Mechanical ventilation heat recovery – MVHR – products are designed to recycle energy that would otherwise be lost in stale, moist air as it is being extracted. The recovered heat is then used to pre-warm the fresh air inputs.

42 Technology was appointed by Baxi Clean Air Systems to develop a novel low-cost, simple and thermally-efficient, moulded component to provide heat recovery for a standard bathroom or kitchen fan. The client’s existing product worked well but relied on fragile heat recovery plates made from thin plastic foil and needed a costly, very labour-intensive production assembly process.

Our work included:

  • Structured brainstorming to generate a diverse range of concept designs, followed by mathematical modelling to select the best options
  • Development of a novel low cost concept, plus designs for a new bi-directional fan
  • Production of prototypes and detailed testing against target specifications

The resulting design delivered not only the required performance but also significantly reduced cost as it was designed from just two moulded components. Several patents secured from the work were subsequently then sold by the client to fan manufacturer Vent-Axia.