42 TechnologyCase StudiesEnsuring the future of the perfectly chilled pint

Ensuring the future of the perfectly chilled pint

42 Technology was appointed by UK brewing industry body Brands Dispense Association (BDA) to research and recommend a new set of standards to guide the future development of cellar-based cooling and dispensing equipment.

We used our extensive experience in this sector to:

  • Assess existing systems and infrastructure for beverage cooling systems
  • Interview and assess the needs of stakeholders across the value chain
  • Identify market trends in cooling and beer dispense
  • Create cost models  for existing and future scenarios
  • Develop a framework to enable collaboration between four leading brands
  • Recommend a roadmap for future products

This work delivered a strategy for development of the next generation of beer cooling and dispense equipment and addressed the needs of the major stakeholders from consumer to pub owner to multinational brand.

42 Technology has considerable experience in cooling and dispensing systems, particularly within the food and drink sector, making them the natural choice for this important new initiative. Our aim is to develop a universal specification that can guide the development of the next generation of cooling systems.

Iain Ramage, chairman of the BDA Technical committee