42 TechnologyCase StudiesPRESS HERE for ice-cold refreshment

PRESS HERE for ice-cold refreshment

In addition to client work, 42 Technology also regularly creates its own novel concepts for new products and processes for further development on our own or with commercial partners.

The fine iced drinks machine is one of those products: targeted at the domestic drinks market and delivering chilled drinks within seconds at the push of a button. The product uses our proprietary ground-breaking technology with no moving parts to generate millions of silky-soft ice crystals, which has already been proven and developed by us for the commercial brewing sector.

The product benefits from:

  • Using low cost, energy-efficient technologies – ideal for today’s low cost, high volume consumer markets
  • No watery drinks because the ice is made directly from the drink
  • No need for fridge or freezer to create a cold drink in seconds
  • Working with a wide range of liquids including carbonated soft drinks, milk-based drinks and fruit juices