42 TechnologyCase StudiesImproved solar thermal systems from concept to testing

Improved solar thermal systems from concept to testing

Solarcentury, one of the UK’s leading solar energy companies, asked us to develop a novel solar thermal product for use in southern Europe.

Solarcentury wanted a product to deliver high performance at low cost, while also being easy to install.

42 Technology was chosen for its thermal modelling, design and engineering skills.


Our team worked with Solarcentury on the three key areas of:

  • System design to consider all requirements to ensure that the system was inexpensive to manufacture, install, and to maintain.
  • Thermal simulation to predict and optimise the performance of the solar panels. This included the effects of roof and sun angles, heat losses and material selection, and a comparison of convection vs. radiative and conductive heat transfer. Ultimate performance was within 2% of our prediction.
  • Mechanical engineering and design to create a mounting system that enabled unobtrusive integration with typical existing roof tiles, producing an attractive visual design. Innovative solutions were developed for sealing and mechanical support.

The proposed design was prototyped and tested demonstrating industry leading performance.