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TurboFrost – Rapid Glass Cooling

Creating ice cold glasses in seconds to deliver the ultimate cold drinks experience.

42 Technology has used its expertise in thermal system design to develop TurboFrost – a technology for rapidly cooling glasses, creating an extra cold drinking experience and exciting visual theatre at the bar.

Frosted glass image

The patented technology uses high speed ultra-cold air to cool the top half of the glass to -10 degrees C within 20 seconds, avoiding issues such as finger prints on glasses or frozen hands, as might be experienced with conventional frosted glasses from the freezer.

Prototype TurboFrost units have been successfully trialled in bars, and the underlying heat transfer technology has also been applied to deliver rapid, non-contact cooling in a number of other applications.

42 Technology has been developing technology for the drinks industry for many years, including developing its own proprietary technology for delivery of fine iced drinks.