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Ever-increasing commodity prices and relentless pressure from own brands and emerging economies drives consumer goods manufacturers to constantly seek innovative new products at the lowest manufacturing cost.

We can help

42 Technology develops new products, packaging and manufacturing processes for some of the world’s leading FMCG and consumer appliance brands by coupling world-class innovation processes with best-in-class teams.

We help throughout the product creation cycle:

  • Exploring consumer insights to understand unmet needs
  • Analysing patent landscapes to spot opportunity spaces
  • Using our network of scientists, engineers and designers to conceive compelling, elegant and easy-to-use products
  • Using our manufacturing experience to ensure that new concepts are realised in practice
Relevant expertise
We have particular expertise in a number of areas directly relevant to the consumer sector:

  • Design of intelligent or functional packaging
  • Fluid heating, cooling and dispense, particularly in the drinks sector
  • Sustainable design/manufacture – increasing energy efficiency, cutting waste
  • Optimising manufacturing processes – cost, speed, agility
  • Using technology to better understand consumer behaviour