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Energy & Cleantech

Cleantech is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing industry sectors and is already playing a major role in new consumer products and industrial applications – but product manufacturers often find it difficult to operate in this space.

Higher upfront costs and long payback times often mean that the success of a product is dependent on regulatory support, which, as 2010-2011’s cutbacks in European Feed-in Tariffs have shown, are vulnerable to political and fiscal pressures.

We can help

42 Technology can help rebalance this equation with innovative engineering to improve performance and reduce cost.

Our system engineering skills can help take a prototype and turn it into a viable product. Our core capabilities in thermodynamics and mechanical engineering mean we can also work with you to embody your innovative ideas in convincing proof-of-principle and proof-of-concept prototypes.

Relevant expertise
We have worked with both new market entrants and leading household names to help bring some of the most exciting clean energy products, systems, processes and technologies to market:

  • Designing highly efficient HVAC solutions: advanced boilers, ventilation fans that recover waste heat, and combined heat and power boilers that generate electricity in the home
  • Stack design and system integration of fuel cells for clean energy
  • Solar energy optics and engineering
  • Smart meter design including wireless communications and sensors
  • Emissions control devices and sensors