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Emerging technologies are creating significant opportunities for innovation within the transport industry.

Whether it’s the way that people interact with different modes of transport, the efficiency and safety of logistics operations, improving the longevity of equipment and infrastructure or enabling exciting new business models, innovation is creating significant opportunities for agile companies, and significant threats for those who remain in the past.

With wide experience of innovative vehicle concepts and creating integrated systems for sensing and wireless communications, 42 Technology understands the regulatory and environmental demands of working within the transport sector.

We can help

42 Technology takes a pragmatic approach to solving valuable problems. Our expertise in the following areas has allowed us to deliver significant value to our clients:

  • Infrastructure asset condition monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking and real-time sensing, logging and communication
  • Electric vehicle power electronics and charging systems
  • Gas vehicle fuelling and operation detection systems
  • Intelligent signage and signalling for efficient traffic flows
Relevant expertise
Our expertise and experience includes:

  • Novel vehicle system engineering incorporating advanced and elegant mechanisms
  • Gas system thermo-fluidic modelling, design and engineering
  • Multi-disciplinary product design and development
  • “Smart” and connected technologies and products including custom sensors
  • Development of ruggedized products for use in challenging environments
  • Proof-of-principle prototypes through to transfer-to-manufacture