42 TechnologyNews42 Technology’s Angus Lowe speaking at PD+I 2016

42 Technology’s Angus Lowe speaking at PD+I 2016

On the 19th May, 42 Technology’s Angus Lowe is going to be speaking at the prestigious Product Design + Innovation 2016 exhibition.

Speaking in the main conference, Angus will be introducing the audience to the concept of using storytelling as an important and versatile prototyping tool.

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“Designers often forget the power of storytelling” says Angus. “Stories can unlock a world of value by enabling rapid identification of underlying goals, cognitive and emotional engagement, and a more holistic strategy for making tough design decisions.”

The programme also includes distinguished speakers such as the Chairman of the British Industrial Design Association, the Chair of the Institution of Engineering Designers, and leading lights from the world of academia.