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Improving Collaboration Within the Organisation

42 Technology attends the R&D Autumn Conference 2012 in Eichenberg, Austria, focussing on “Improving Collaboration Within the Organisation”

Effective R&D is essential within an innovative enterprise to bring a successful product to market.  However, it is in the relationship with sister-functions within the company, such as sales, procurement, quality, product management, manufacturing and others, that can determine the efficiency and overall profitability for the company.

“Improving Collaboration Within the Organisation” was the focus of the 2012 Autumn Conference of the R&D Network “The Next Challenge”, attended by 42 Technology’s head of industrial, Dr Jon Spratley, and held in Eichenberg, Austria.  The Network meets every year for a two day conference to allow best-practice sharing between a range of executives within R&D and innovation management from several European countries and industries.

A series of informative talks presented experience including topics such as: the eternal conflict between engineering and sales functions; how the application of appropriate business strategy improves focus within R&D; and how purchasing can be used as a strategic tool to gain market share when integrated into the R&D process from the start of the development.

A fascinating case study and factory tour at Diehl Controls in Wangen, Germany presented how Diehl had restructured their development process to strategically diversify using experience from their high volume base in appliance control systems into the solar photovoltaic inverter business.

42 Technology is increasingly being contracted as our client’s external development department.  As such, exposure to this conference is invaluable to better understand and integrate with our clients internal functions and thus provide even more efficient delivery of successful products.

The Autumn Conferences, organised by Dr. Martin Paping of Kontrapunkt Technology, engender lively discussions and debate on the management of R&D functions.