42 TechnologyNewsUK drag racing event

UK drag racing event

Two mechanical engineers from 42 Technology have secured second and third place in their debut appearance at the annual Silverline Power Tools Drag Racing Championship

The event uses handheld power tools such as belt sanders, angle grinders and even circular saws to power dragsters at record speeds. This year’s event was held 25/26 September at Fleet Air Arm Museum, Somerset.

Simon Jelley (on the left in the photograph) and Mark Mellors (on the right) spent their weekends and lunch-breaks coming up with two innovative designs for non ride-on dragsters that completed the 20 metre indoor course from a standing start in just over two seconds. The race has been won for four years running by John Reid, who had to up his game this year when he saw 42 Technology‘s designs in the qualifying rounds. John won with a margin of just 0.08 seconds but Simon and Mark from 42T are now so hooked on this engineering challenge that they already plan to return in next year’s ride-on category.

Lots of contestants believe that more power must be better whereas we took a systems design approach considering power, weight and grip. We specifically chose lightweight tools and preheated the tyres but also came up witha championship first: a design incorporating a downforce vortex fan to literally suck the dragster down to the ground and further improve its grip

Mark Mellors of 42 Technology