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In the global marketplace, manufacturing companies need to innovate to develop game-changing products, improve their cost-base, and stay ahead of changing regulations.

We can help

42 Technology’s unique blend of pragmatic engineering, rigorous problem analysis and broad technology understanding enables us to help companies innovate their manufacturing processes.

This includes:

  • Developing new processes to enable break-through products
  • Re-engineering processes for product scale-up, increased throughput, quality and flexibility, and reducing overheads and energy use
  • Improving asset utilisation by creating innovative new products based on existing manufacturing capabilities
  • Carrying out process reviews to identify improvements in cost, water/energy use, and waste reduction
  • Problem solving in under-performing manufacturing processes
  • Time-to-market improvement by re-designing product concepts for manufacture with standard processes
Relevant expertise

Our particular expertise that is applied to manufacturing innovation includes:

  • Analytical approach to understanding the specific business problem and developing or configuring processes to achieve this
  • Rapid, low-cost verification of innovative processing ideas through pragmatic lab-testing
  • Deep understanding of thermo-fluidics, enabling detailed assessment of process performance
  • Deep understanding of material handling, including powders and liquids, webs, and pick and place
  • Highly effective innovation processes to generate new ideas and assess feasibility of solutions
  • Broad understanding of existing processing equipment through our extensive network of associates and partners
  • Working with clients’ existing equipment suppliers to help them innovate, while maintaining existing relationships