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The printing industry is going through some pretty fundamental changes at the moment. 42 Technology can help print technology manufacturers and users to remain agile in how they respond to the resulting challenges.

Printing Practice

Rapidly changing requirements

Digital printing technologies, especially inkjet, are being developed rapidly and offset press technologies are being pushed to their limits to keep up with end users’ rapidly changing requirements.

End users are always demanding more – shorter and faster print runs, the ability to customise and personalise, and smoother user interfaces – without compromising on cost or print quality.

Furthermore, paper is no longer the only substrate for printing. Direct printing onto metal, glass, laminates or polymer substrates can now be required.

42 Technology uses cross-industry experience to help print technology manufacturers to create innovation within the printing industry.

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We can help

In future, printing technology development are only going to become more complex. They’re going to require multidisciplinary teams with expertise in fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, precision mechanics, media handling, control electronics and software.

Our team of industry experienced engineers and physicists have an in-depth understanding of printing technologies:

  • Benchmarking of new technologies
  • Delivering complex fluids
  • Handling difficult substrates
  • Integrating new technologies into existing systems
  • Full or partial design cycle of new systems
  • Identifying and enabling disruptive technologies

We can help you to respond quickly and efficiently: our experience in printing enables us to assess your requirements and offer solutions quickly.

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Our capabilities

We have a core team of highly competent engineers working in modern lab facilities. We have access to top-end measurement and logging equipment, environmental chambers, and a wet lab for print tests. Our structured approach to innovation allows us to reduce risk and development times and includes FMEA, Root Cause Analysis, Design of Experiments, and Quality Control methodologies.

We specialise in thermal management, fluid control and thermodynamics developments. and have significant experience designing and developing integrated electro-mechanical systems.

We also have access to expert associates who we bring in to supplement our core teams. Our associates are industry leading engineers and academics in areas such as: ink rheology, acoustics and waveform design, imaging, inkjet theory, microfluidics.

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