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Sensors and Instrumentation

Sensors play a critical role in almost all products and systems. Choosing and implementing the most appropriate sensing technology can be critical, whether you are looking for precision measurements or carrying out simple go/nogo testing.


42 Technology has significant experience in a range of sensor technologies. We have developed custom sensors for demanding environments and applied off the shelf, established solutions.

We can develop:

  • Precision instrumentation using our in-depth understanding of the measurement principles
  • Robust instruments enabling high-sensitivity measurements in harsh environments
  • Cost engineered instruments to achieve high measurement performance at low product cost
  • Both solid state and mechatronic instruments

We excel in:

  • Developments where many disciplines are involved
  • Developing complex systems for control and measurement
  • Design for manufacture
  • Design for harsh environments
  • Developing miniaturised products
  • Developing high-reliability products
  • Accurate fluid and thermal control
Relevant sensors expertise

We have in-depth experience in:

  • Physics
  • Surface science
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Device automation
  • Wireless systems and devices
  • Mechanisms
  • Vacuum science
  • Electron optics
  • Power electronics and power metering