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Thermofluidic Systems

The properties and behaviour of fluids and the efficient transfer of heat play a huge part in both the manufacture and the user experience of a great many modern products.


In products ranging from drug delivery devices to beer pumps, and from cleaning products to industrial gas systems, a detailed understanding of the way fluids behave is essential if the products of tomorrow are to be optimised for best in class performance and cost effective manufacture.

Heat transfer also plays a significant part in many fluid design challenges. Modern equipment is shrinking, laptops are thin and fanless but with brighter screens, domestic boilers occupy less closet space, and point of sale appliances carry out processes formerly only seen in factories.

Our engineers have a deep understanding of all aspects of fluidic and thermal system behaviour.

This understanding has been applied across many industry sectors, from optimisation of viscous drug injection to aerosol formation, from analysis of large scale gas flows in utility plants to continuous controlled ice crystal formation in beverage dispensing. This has resulted in an exceptional level of practically applicable experience in the development of challenging fluidic and thermal systems.

We can help

Our broad fluidic and thermal system engineering expertise can help you design the optimum solutions for your products or manufacturing processes.

This expertise includes:

  • Deep understanding of the properties and behaviour of fluids, and the principles, issues and typical coefficients involved in heat generation & transfer
  • Experience of precise temperature control and/or compensation in a range of equipment from high value scientific instruments to cost engineered industrial sensors
  • 4 dimensional analysis and simulation of fluid and heat flow at a range of scales, from miniature circuits to industrial production lines
  • The facility to rapidly prototype then test and evaluate alternative designs in a range of environmental scenarios, and the experience to take them all the way to manufacture
  • Broad experience of a range of manufacture and point of sale thermal process control from continuous flow ovens to drinks dispensing
Relevant expertise

We have a wealth of experience in thermal and fluid related projects, including:

  • Manufacturing process control for beverages, confectionery, foods, home and personal care
  • Management of challenging thermofluidic systems for ink delivery
  • Handling of difficult liquids and powders in beverage vending solutions
  • Industrial gas valve design
  • Functional packaging design
  • Management of Controlled Phase Change processes
  • Rapid freezing and cooling systems