42 TechnologyCase Studies

Case Studies: Finding the Opportunity

Designing for usability

With a growing elderly population it pays to design products that are easy for everyone to use. We recently delved deeper into this area of inclusive design to improve product usability for a multinational company.

Next generation banknote sorting systems

42 Technology assisted Talaris, a world leader in cash-handling equipment, with the development of their next generation of banknote sorting and validation systems, developing precision instrumentation systems and high throughput transportation mechanisms.

SKYLON: Unpiloted and reusable spaceplane

42 Technology was appointed by Reaction Engines to provide strategic engineering consultancy and help with the mechanical design of key operational features of SKYLON, a re-usable spaceplane for low cost deployment of satellites.

Industrial ink delivery system

42 Technology partnered with Xaar to develop an easy to use, small footprint unit that delivers ink on demand to four printheads while accurately controlling pressure, temperature, viscosity and flow across the head. It even handles high viscosity and heavily pigmented materials.

Fuel cell technologies

42 Technology has a track record of successful projects and specialist mechanical engineering and thermodynamics expertise in fuel cells, an alternative energy technology that could change the way we power our homes, cars and consumer electronics.