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Making it happen

Many new products fail to meet expectations due to a lack of attention to the final stages of the development process, with the development team keen to move on to their next development project. These often overlooked and underestimated activities are critical to achieving successful products.

Making it happen

Development can only be considered complete when the solution has been proven to meet the applicable regulatory requirements and can be delivered to the market in a way that is:

  • Compliant with specifications
  • Cost effective
  • Repeatable
  • Reliable

By combining high calibre product engineering resources with real world design for manufacture experience 42 Technology ensures that its clients’ products and processes deliver against their expectations.

Regulatory approval

Whilst the responsibility for product approval typically lies with our clients, we can act on your behalf to identify relevant regulatory requirements, and ensure that those requirements have been fully met in any new product design, providing the documentation necessary to support the approval process.

Design for manufacture and assembly

Our engineers’ first-hand experience of designing products for high volume, high yield and low cost manufacture ensures that your new products are designed with the right level of consideration for how they will be manufactured.

Process automation

Our track record in the development of fully automated bespoke manufacturing processes complements our product development capability, providing solutions to often complex and challenging automation projects.

Vendor selection

New products often require identification of new suppliers and/or manufacturing partners, bringing specific new capabilities into your supply chain. We can help identify and select these partners, helping you minimise risk in any new product manufacturing project.