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Finding the opportunity

Successful products are the result of identifying real unmet needs from a range of stakeholders, from consumer to manufacturer, each having their own requirements and priorities.

42 Technology combines the latest innovation techniques and the most capable people to identify new product concepts and technology solutions that address these needs.

Technical and commercial feasibility assessment then pinpoint the opportunities with the greatest promise, and establish the confidence to proceed with subsequent development investment:

User insights

By bringing in specific expertise from our associate network in user research and needs identification, we can help you identify the key insights that will allow you to properly address the unmet needs of your customers and achieve differentiation and competitive advantage in your products.

Structured innovation

Using a range of established creativity tools and approaches, we can bring together a diverse range of technology, product, application and industry experience to identify truly compelling solutions and new product concepts, involving your own team members in creative workshops as appropriate to capitalise on your own areas of expertise and experience.

Concept generation

Following robust ranking and filtering of new product ideas against pre-agreed criteria, we can develop these ideas into high quality visual concepts providing the means to communicate opportunities with a wide range of stakeholders within your organisation.

Feasibility analysis

We undertake robust feasibility analysis to establish the technical and commercial viability of any new product or solution, providing a reason to believe that the product aspiration is achievable and fulfills the identified user needs. We support this analysis with a realistic plan of risk mitigation activities to maximise the probability of achieving successful products on time and on budget.