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Developing the solution

Translation of a new product idea into a finished solution requires a structured and disciplined approach, mitigating technical and commercial risks at the earliest opportunity through the development process.

Developing the solution

Early proof-of-principle work avoids costly rework. Validating product and user interface design through creation of models, simulations and prototypes ensures that the final product addresses all stakeholder requirements.

42 Technology’s multi-disciplinary science, engineering and design team has a track record of delivering elegant and successful solutions across a range of industry sectors and application areas, as well as developing innovative manufacturing processes to meet challenging requirements.

We develop sophisticated theoretical models to enable system behaviour and performance to be properly understood, both prior to product or process development, informing design approach and technology choice, and as a means to understand unexpected product performance:


In order to mitigate technical or commercial risk for any new product or solution, we can build proof-of-principle rigs and models to verify that the fundamental principles of your new product are achievable.

Product design

With an emphasis on usability as well as aesthetics, our product design team can help you conceive compelling product designs optimised for your target market and user group, working closely with our own team as appropriate to achieve buy-in from all stakeholders.

Prototype & test

Development and verification of prototypes early in the product development process, and before significant investment is committed, can maximise the chance of your product fulfilling expectations and delivering against requirements. These prototypes can be tailored to address specific aspects of the product: technical performance; usability; aesthetics; etc.

Product & process development

Following a robust, phased development approach, we can make your new product vision a reality, handling all aspects of the process from early prototype through to fully functional final designs, working with your own team as appropriate to bring together the right development team to achieve the best results.

Verification & validation

Our extensive experience in design verification and validation can help define the right process to ensure that your products are fully compliant with requirements, and then action that process from enlisting whatever test facilities might be relevant.