Our consumer sector clients are experts in the food, beverage, confectionery, personal and home care product sectors. They look to us to support their expertise in chemistry, formulation and material science with our practical and creative engineering skills.

We add value to the way end users experience their products, and improve how those products are manufactured: we’ve invented novel manufacturing processes to enable new product formats, and have significantly improved the performance of existing manufacturing assets.

We’ve developed intuitive and exciting functional packaging that creates shelf-appeal and real value for consumers, and devices that support how consumers experience the product, or discretely monitor how products are actually used.  We’ve also developed sustainable packaging solutions, addressing recyclability and biodegradability, without sacrificing user experience or compatibility with existing production methods.

Our clients look to us for creative and practical engineering to complement their own expertise.

We’ve helped consumer goods companies to work around their competitors’ patent portfolios, or identify opportunities to strengthen their own IP positions.

Our team is bursting with ideas and welcomes a tough challenge. If you’ve got a problem you need solving, drop us a message and we’ll see how we can help.

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