Our clients are experts within their own industries, working in highly regulated environments, and often have their own strong engineering teams. When they come to us, they ask us to complement their deep domain knowledge with our experience across industries and sectors.

We’ve developed high-speed banknote handling machines, industrial gas valves, rugged power tools, innovative personal protective equipment, and have successfully taken full-stack IoT products to market.

We have created award winning industrial products with impressive IP portfolios.

We’ve helped clients in industries where the core technology hasn’t changed significantly in over 100 years and, by introducing ideas from other sectors, we have helped them to create class-leading, award winning innovative products.

Our clients are most impressed by the quality and rate of our work – quickly providing robust, innovative designs that win awards, create valuable IP, and add value to their businesses.

If you have an engineering challenge that your internal team doesn’t have the time, or expertise, to solve then why not drop us a message and see what we might be able to do to help?


Award winning gas valve development


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