December 2013

42 Technology’s manufacturing partner improves IP protection and links to low-cost Far East manufacturing

The recent acquisition of UK based Briton EMS by US electronics manufacturing provider OSI has opened a new door for developing electronic products in the UK, with strong IP protection and close links to low-cost Far East manufacturing.

“It means intellectual property is kept in the UK while the product is undergoing development and pre-production trialling.”

Peter Towler, business development manager of Briton EMS.

Briton EMS has been a valuable manufacturing partner for 42 Technology during recent years with the two companies collaborating on a number of electronic product design and manufacturing programmes. The acquisition by OSI extends the manufacturing capability available to 42 Technology making low-cost Far East manufacturing a more accessible capability for 42 Technology’s clients.

Visit the Briton EMS website for more details of Briton EMS’s recent acquisition by OSI and their approach to providing IP protection.