June 2021

David Griffin, Senior Consultant at 42 Technology, highlights the complex struggles that brand owners face in designing and developing sustainable packaging in his article for FMCG CEO Magazine.

Moving to more sustainable consumer goods packaging increasingly requires engagement at many levels. But the challenge for enterprises going forward will be how to continually engage and  manage a wider set of stakeholders than ever before.

In an ideal (but unrealistic) scenario, brand owners simply find sustainable direct replacements for their previous films, coatings or plastics, which leaves the product design, consumer experience and manufacturing process largely unaffected. However, in practice this is rarely the case. For example, mixed material laminate films, used extensively in a wide range of products, rely on multiple components each providing specific functions such as strength, sealability, printability, and barrier properties. And replacing a composite film with a single material, let alone a sustainable one, is unlikely to be a simple ‘like for like’ substitution.

You can read the full article and case studies online: FMCG CEO Magazine.

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